CaliBlackRock Pick of the Day: Baby Lemonade

I first learned of Baby Lemonade back in the late-90s, after reading an article in the LA Weekly about these brothas who were influenced by the Beach Boys and a host of other 60s bands. They rose to prominence during the mid-1990s, a time which produced a number of notable LA rock bands like The Wondermints and The Negro Problem.

Many folks know Baby Lemonade (named after the Syd Barrett song) as the backing band for the late great Arthur Lee of the 60s Sunset Blvd. band Love.

On their own, Baby Lemonade pack quite a punch,  as evidenced from the below clip, “Pop Tarte” from their album “68 Percent Pure Imagination.” Not to mention, the founding members of the band, Rusty Squeezebox and Mike Randle, are two of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet.

The band can still be seen on occasion, playing under the name “Love Revisited” with Johnny Echols, Love’s original guitarist.

If you’re interested in getting a preview, check out “The High Life Suite,” their 2001 album which features the band at the apex of their creative powers. Mike Randle also keeps a blog with tourdates and other info.

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