Dez Dickerson, Modernaire redux

Anyone who’s seen Prince’s “1999” video probably remembers the brotha in the funky kamikaze headband, who also sang background vocals.  Dez Dickerson was the first guitarist in Prince’s backing band, remembered for his eviscerating guitar solos, including some impressive fingerwork on “Little Red Corvette,” which is ranked #64 on Guitar World’s list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Solos.

Despite a brief appearance in the film “Purple Rain,” by 1984 Dez had dropped out Prince’s band, the Revolution.  After leaving Prince’s band, he became a born-again Christian,  founded his own Christian rock label, but for the most part dropped out of the mainstream spotlight.

Regardless, as illustrated by this clip, Dez never lost his chops. Here’s a recent 2010 Minneapolis performance of his song,  “Modernaire,” which appeared in the film “Purple Rain.”

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